Multitasking by Sarah Oas

The soft whisper of shoes on concrete. A whistle of wind, the sounds of my breathing, faster than it should have been. It was dark, but my eyes were adjusted, and I could see like a cat. I could see lights ahead, and hear the sound of guards chatting idly. Thump. I vaulted the fence … Continue reading Multitasking by Sarah Oas


Out of the Frying Pan by David Roemhildt

“Right this way, Mister Braune.  Lord Lucifer will see you now.”  I looked up from the outdated copy of People magazine I had been perusing to meet the smouldering sockets of the scaley receptionist sitting behind the large, lacquered desk.  His weird tongue kept flitting in and out of his mouth as he gazed steadily … Continue reading Out of the Frying Pan by David Roemhildt