We are no longer currently seeking general staff members for Fall 2017. Keep an eye on this page as the new semester approaches for potential updates. If you’re interested in getting involved, email

1 credit is available to staff members who commit to a full semester.

To apply for an editorial position, please send us:

  • a letter indicating (1) your background in writing and/or publishing, (2) why you’re interested in working with Inkwell, and (3) which position(s) you’d be interested in filling,
  • a short sample of your work. This can be writing or design work, depending on the position(s) you’re applying for.

We like to fill the positions of Managing Editor, Design Editor, and Programs Editor in advance of the upcoming semester, but we’re always looking for general staff members. Preference for Editor roles is given to those who have previously been part of Inkwell’s general staff. 

All applications can be sent to with the subject “Staff Application”

Managing Editor (currently closed)

The managing editor oversees the design editor, the programs editor, and the general staff. He/She is on hand to answer questions and to assist the staff in their duties. The managing editor keeps the faculty advisor informed and up to date on the staff’s work, maintains the budget, and he/she is responsible for addressing any problems or unexpected questions that come up, whether by addressing them personally or designating them to the appropriate staff member. The managing editor must have been a part of Inkwell for at least four semesters before he/she can become managing editor.

Design Editor (currently closed)

The design editor is responsible for overseeing the layout and publication of the issue itself. He/She also designs promotional material and may assist with website maintenance. Familiarity with desktop design and InDesign is a must. Some interest in and familiarity with WordPress is preferable.

Programs Editor (currently closed)

There are two main “programs” Inkwell handles annually. In fall, we feature a 21-day writing contest. Throughout the year we also host workshops and craft talks for students to attend. The programs editor, with the support of the rest of the staff, organizes these events.

Staff (currently closed)

Staff members support the daily operations of Inkwell. This may include but is not limited to: maintaining records and materials, attending and helping organize events, maintaining Inkwell’s social media, reading/editing submissions, and contributing to The Well. Staff members submit any individual project proposals at the beginning of the semester.